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Resources for Antiracist & Antioppression Work in (and beyond) the City Tech Library

Information about religious, holidays, ethnic, and cultural celebrations

Information on religious, ethnic, and cultural celebrations:

Religious holidays of the world:

Religious Holidays 101: Quick-start Guide to Learning about Holidays Beyond Christmas by Emily Hamer

Ethnic Celebrations

Cultural Holidays & Heritage Celebrations

Intercultural Student Affairs by Emerson College

American Holidays > Ethnic & Religious Observances by U.S. Diplomatic Mission to Germany


Video:  Northern city celebrates interfaith 'Holiday of Holidays'

Video:  Most Celebrated Holidays

Video:  Diwali - Festival of Lights | National Geographic

Video:  Winter Celebrations Around the World

The New York Times has a related article “A Look Inside New York’s Swirling Kaleidoscope of Faiths”