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Resources for Antiracist & Antioppression Work in (and beyond) the City Tech Library

Language, Labels, and Terminology

Recommended Antiracism/Antioppression Resources, February 2022, curated by Junior and Wanett

Image from The Fifteen percent Pledge that shows and image that states historically exlcuded

Image via: The Fifteen Percent Pledge

Generally, as a people, we continue to make progress with regard to acknowledging the depth and breadth of personal identity. As we strive to do better we will also continue to bump up against things that still require thought and change. One that we’ve all likely heard is the word “underrepresented,” used in various contexts. The shift from that categorization to the use of “excluded,” in its place is one more step in the direction of accuracy of language. It is accurate to say excluded because it acknowledges that the lack of diversity did not happen on its own.