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Resources for Antiracist & Antioppression Work in (and beyond) the City Tech Library

April 2022: Housing Issues and Antiracist Research

Housing Issues and Antiracist Research, April 2022, compiled by Maura and Suraya

The Antiracism and Antioppression Working Group has compiled resources to share with you this month around the theme of housing, including housing discrimination, evictions, and gentrification, as well as a guide to antiracist research.

This short video clip describes the history of housing discrimination in New York City and its effects on racial segregation. It describes the importance of the fair housing act and the protections it provides in order to dismantle unequal access to housing.

It’s important to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on evictions in New York City. This article sheds light on the lack of preparedness from the NYC government and housing providers, which has a major impact on low-income tenants.

This article looks into the effects of gentrification in Fort Green, Brooklyn. It takes a deeper dive into the historical events that took place prior to the transformation of this community, both racial and economic transformation.

           This guide from the University of Minnesota Libraries shares resources for practicing antiracism and decentering whiteness throughout the research process, from the literature review and initial research to data gathering to publication and more.