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Resources for Antiracist & Antioppression Work in (and beyond) the City Tech Library

Disability Together, Student Accessibility, Stop Asian

Recommended Antiracism/Antioppression Resources, July 2021, curated by Junior and Wanett

  • Disability Together - Image Description tips via Instagram
    This collection of tips is curated by a blind person. Along with the image text, the caption and comments section contain additional useful information. Though these are geared towards describing images embedded in text, we can think about our word choice when assisting students in person, too.

  • City Tech's Center for Student Accessibility
    This FAQ page provides information relevant to our student body. Note that this webpage has a link at the bottom to make the page "talk." When utilizing it, a series of options appear at the top which can assist students with varying abilities.

  • Fighting Anti-Asian Racism: Tools for Libraries
    This blog post from the American Libraries Association Office of Intellectual Freedom outline resources to combat bias and xenophobia against the Asian community related to misinformation surrounding COVID-19. It also provides information to curate library displays and collection development.

  • NYC Stop Asian Hate Toolkit
    This city sponsored toolkit has several resources on city campaigns and educational resources. The anti-Asian and anti-COVID resource guide is especially useful.