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Resources for Antiracist & Antioppression Work in (and beyond) the City Tech Library

Power Privilege Oppression, Cultural Shock, Antiracism Daily

Continuing our monthly compilation of resources that our antiracism/antioppression working group have found both interesting and useful, this month Suraya and I would like to share the resources below.

Power Privilege and Oppression (University of Denver Graduate school of social work)

The video is explaining how social structures shape our identity. Awareness of the effects that this has on many aspects of our lives can help resolve inequality in society.

  • The Particular Culture Shock of a New York City Corporate Office (The Lily)
    This article is about the culture shock that a woman of color, passing as white, experiences while working in a corporate environment tries to be included; however, she is a first-generation Iranian American. She experiences microaggressions and feels like she doesn't belong in her workplace.

  • To Be Young, American and Muslim After 9/11 (The New York Times)
    The racism and discrimination that young Muslims in America face after 9/11 impacted their identities as they try to balance being Muslim and American at the same time.

  • Antiracism Daily
    Described as “daily emails to dismantle white supremacy,” this newsletter tackles a new topic from an antiracist lens and is a great way to learn something new about this work each day.