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Resources for Antiracist & Antioppression Work in (and beyond) the City Tech Library

National Day of Mourning; Food Insecurity in NYC

Recommended Antiracism/Antioppression Resources, November 2021, curated by Nanette and Wanett

Many of us have just celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving with a traditional holiday dinner. While some abstain from celebration and instead commemorate the National Day of Mourning. Either way, for many people November 25th may look different due to the loss of family members or physical separation due to COVID19, cost of food, and food insecurity.   

We wanted to share some information about the latter, food insecurity, that also affects our New York City neighbors in greater numbers than expected (Nora and Wanett co-authored a related blog post, here). As well as a link to learn more about the National Day of Mourning which has been commemorated since 1970.