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Library Exhibit: Americans and the Holocaust

Americans and the Holocaust

Americans and the Holocaust

The City Tech Library was one out of 50 libraries in the country to be selected by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and American Libraries Association to host Americans and the Holocaust, a traveling exhibition. The exhibition examines how Americans reacted to Nazism, war, refugees, and genocide before, during, and after the Second World War.

The exhibit opens November 28 and closes December 17, 2023. It is free and open to the public by appointment.

Exhibit Location

The exhibit is on the City Tech campus in downtown Brooklyn, in the Academic Complex.

Visitors will enter at the City Tech Community Service Center, 287 Jay Street, and go through a security check in.


For more information about the exhibit, contact the Exhibit Director, Prof. Keith Muchowski.

Visit the Exhibit

View the Exhibit Online

Tour the Exhibit Online

Can't make it to the exhibit? This 39-minute tour of Americans and the Holocaust is led by Dr. Daniel Greene, US Holocaust Memorial Museum historian and exhibition curator. In this tour, Dr. Greene walks through the Americans and the Holocaust exhibition in the Museum and provides an overview of the history, themes, and artifacts presented throughout. It was originally filmed in 2018 for American Artifacts on C-SPAN.



CUNY TV interviewed Prof. Muchowski about the exhibit. You can view the film below.