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Library Exhibit: Americans and the Holocaust


Exhibit Events Calendar

As part of the conditions of the grant, the City Tech Library will host public events that will examine common themes between the current era and the events surrounding the Holocaust. Our primary goals are to educate middle, high school and college students on the history of the Holocaust; to host events with survivors and scholars who will bring their experiences and knowledge to the public; and to emphasize the ways in which the Holocaust was both unique to its historical moment and yet germane to the twenty-first century.

Date Event Registration
November 28

Overview & Introduction to “Americans and the Holocaust”
Prof. Melissa Dinsman (York College)

Thursday, November 30 Racism, Eugenics & Antisemitism: Connections between Jim Crow and the Nuremberg Race Laws
Tom White, Coordinator of Educational Outreach, Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Keene State College
December 4
The Evian Conference and the Refugee Crisis: 85 Years Later
Dr. Diane F. Afoumado, Chief of the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
December 5
Immigration in the US Then and Now: From the 1920s to the 2020s
 Prof. Samuel Finesurrey, (Guttman Community College), in conversation with college students
Thursday, December 7 Nazis in America and Anti-Nazi Protests
Prof. Elke Weesjes Sabella, Research and Programming Director Kingsborough Holocaust Center, Kingsborough Community College.

Thursday, December 14 China’s Jewish Refugees: The 1946 Shanghai Photographs of Arthur Rothstein
Dr. Annie Rothstein Segan, director of the Arthur Rothstein Legacy Project


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