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Library Exhibit: Americans and the Holocaust

Using the Exhibit for Your Course

Using the Americans and the Holocaust Exhibit at City Tech

The City Tech library is one of 50 libraries selected to host the exhibit, and the only in the northeast. 

The exhibit is open to the public and can be used as a tool for teaching students in a variety of courses. 

The exhibit is focused on four questions:

  • What did Americans Know?
  • Did Americans Help Jewish Refugees?
  • Why did Americans go to War?
  • How did Americans Respond to the Holocaust 

Exhibit Events

Exhibit Events

The library has curated a number of events that examine topics ranging from America's involvement in the war, American Nazis and Anti-Nazi Protests, The Refugee Crisis, and Immigration. These events will feature guest lectures and panel presentations that examine America's involvement in World War 2 and how the past runs parallel with current events and news.

Instructional faculty are highly encourage to bring their classes to these events.

See the "EVENTS" page for more information.

Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has numerous teaching materials to help teach the Holocaust.

The USHMM has the following selected resources: