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#CityTechSoundsGood - Podcasting, Turntables & Vinyl

This guide supports the American Library Association grant received by the library to support student podcasting as well as expand our collection of Latin music and spoken word recordings.

What is #CityTechSoundsGood?

#CityTechSoundsGood#CityTechSoundsGood provides City Tech undergraduates and faculty with podcasting technology, portable turntables, and new vinyl recordings. Students can borrow audio production and listening equipment for coursework and assignments. Podcasting is also a marketable career skill. 

Although many City Tech students identify as Hispanic, Latino/a, or Latinx, library collections do not fully represent this diverse student population. #CityTechSoundsGood project is a step towards creating collections in which many students see themselves. 

Grant funds will be used to purchase, catalog, maintain, and store podcasting kits, portable turntables, and new vinyl recordings, all of which can be borrowed. Podcasting kits will offer professional-level equipment to produce high-quality recordings. We will emphasize collecting Latin music and spoken word across genres, nationalities, and traditions based on student input. 

Students may lack access to turntables, so the grant will provide the necessary equipment to listen to the vinyl collection. We will offer on-campus workshops on the use of the equipment and also document how-to via video and LibGuide.  

For more information about #CityTechSoundsGood, reach out to Profs. Anne Leonard, Monica Berger, or Junior Tidal.