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#CityTechSoundsGood - Podcasting, Turntables & Vinyl

This guide supports the American Library Association grant received by the library to support student podcasting as well as expand our collection of Latin music and spoken word recordings.

Equipment to borrow

Can I borrow a turntable or podcasting kit?

Yes! City Tech students and faculty will be able to borrow podcasting kits, turntables, and vinyl recordings from the Library's Multimedia Resource Center. This includes:

  • Podcasting kits for 2 weeks, 1 renewal and which will contain:
    • 1 Macbook Air,
    • 1 Blue Yeti Snowball microphone,
    • 1 pair of headphones,
    • 1 pop filter,
    • 1 and bag.
  • Victrola Go Revolution Turntable for 1 week, 1 renewal. Each turntable is
    • portable with an included guitar-style strap,
    • Bluetooth enabled,
    • rechargeable,
    • and can play both 7" and 12" vinyl LPs.