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STEM Study of Teaching and Learning Journals

Engineering Education Journals A-G

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ISSN 1941-1766 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED & OPEN ACCESS 

Disseminates documented innovations in engineering education practice through the creative use of multimedia. includes descriptions of innovative curricula, courses, and teaching practices both within and outside the classroom that are clearly built upon a foundation of accepted learning science principles. Completed and documented studies are published as full articles; work in progress that shows distinct promise of eventual success may be published as educational briefs.


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ASEE PRISM - American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)
Publication Date: 1998 -
ISSN 1056-8077 (9 issues p.a.) OPEN ACCESS

Special interest magazine. Has features, columns, and departments provide timely, useful information to faculty, members, administrators, and graduate students in all disciplines of engineering and engineering technology. Covers broad, topical issues in engineering education such as: Instructional methods; Innovative curricula; Lifelong learning; Research opportunities, trends, and developments; Education and research projects with government and industry; Outreach activities that encourage young people to pursue studies and careers in engineering and engineering technology; Initiatives that increase the participation of women and minority groups in engineering and engineering technology studies and careers. Efforts that support the recruitment, retention, and development of quality faculty members.

 Australasian journal of engineering education - Australasian Association for Engineering Education
Publication Date: 1999 -
ISSN 1325-4340 (2 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 
Presents work at the forefront of engineering education internationally. Each issue is focussed on a specific theme, including an overview paper introducing the theme, and invited and submitted papers from Australasian and international authors at the frontier of that particular theme.


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Chemical engineering education - Chemical Engineering Department, University of Florida.
Publication Date: 1962-
ISSN 0009-2479 (4 issues p.a.) OPEN ACCESS

Focus is on teaching Chemical Engineering, including curriculum and courses.Publishes papers in the broad field of chemical engineering education. Papers generally describe a course, a laboratory, a ChE department, a ChE educator, a ChE curriculum, research program, machine computation, special instructional programs, or give views and opinions on various topics of interest to the profession.


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Computer applications in engineering education
Publication Date: 1992 -
ISSN 1099-0542 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Publishes peer-reviewed information on the innovative uses of computers, Internet, and software tools in engineering education. Covers new courses, software tools and methods that support the integration of technology-based modules in engineering curriculum. Promotes discussion of assessment and dissemination issues associated with these new implementation methods.


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Education for chemical engineers - European Federation of Chemical Engineering
Publication Date: 2006 -
ISSN 1749-7728 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Presents original papers in chemical, process and biomolecular engineering education of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education students. Papers demonstrating how educational research results can be applied to chemical engineering education are welcome, as are the accounts of research that bring new perspectives to established principles, highlighting unsolved problems or indicating direction for future research.


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Engineering design graphics journal (online) - American Society for Engineering Education
Publication Date: 1936 -
ISSN 1949-9167 (3 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED & OPEN ACCESS

Devoted to the advancement of engineering design graphics, computer graphics, and subjects related to engineering design graphics. Encourages teachers of engineering design graphics to experiment with and test appropriate teaching techniques and topics to further improve the quality and modernization of instruction and courses.


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Engineering studies - International Network for Engineering Studies (INES)
Publication Date: 2009 -
eISSN 1940-8374 (3 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Interdisciplinary, international journal devoted to the scholarly study of engineers and engineering. Articles encourage reflection and sharing of scholarly practices that extend beyond conventional research to include making and doing. Authors offer theoretically informed accounts of their own critical participation in practices of engineering education, labor, research, policy, and representation in order to help engineering practitioners reflect on images and practices of engineers and engineering, and perhaps to formulate and scale up alternatives.


European Journal of Engineering Education
European journal of engineering education - European Society for Engineering Education
Publication Date: 1975 -
ISSN 0304-3797 (6 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Examines the economic, cultural, and social factors which influence the education of engineers in different societies. Provides a forum in which teachers and researchers in engineering schools, institutions and industry can share accounts of good practice and discuss methodology. Has special emphasis on specific European developments in the field of engineering education. Also welcomes papers presenting a worldwide perspective, with an international or intercultural dimension. 
Publication Date: 1997-
ISSN 1328-3154 (3 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED & OPEN ACCESS

Provides the international engineering education community with a forum for discussion and the exchange of information on engineering education and industrial training at tertiary level.

Engineering Education Journals H-Z

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IEEE Transactions on education - IEEE Education Society
Publication Date: 1963 -
ISSN 0018-9359 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Educational research, methods, materials, programs, and technology in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and fields within the scope of interest of IEEE.
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International journal for service learning in engineering - IJSLE
Publication Date: 2006 -
ISSN 1555-9033 (2 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED & OPEN ACCESS

Publishes papers with a specific focus on projects, programs, research and pedagogy that involve humanitarian engineering, social entrepreneurship, and service learning in engineering. A primary purpose of the Journal is to foster inquiry into rigorous engineering design and research and direct those efforts toward solving problems of marginalized communities. The examination of cultural appropriateness is emphasized along with the application of appropriate technologies and entrepreneurial application of sustainable solutions. Focus is also placed on associated pedagogy and the dissemination of project results as the Journal seeks to nurture service learning in engineering as a distinct body of knowledge.
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International journal of electrical engineering education - IJEEE
Publication Date: 1970 -
ISSN 0020-7209 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Presents latest developments and best practice internationally of teaching electrical engineering and electronics, from power systems to nanotechnology. Highlights the use of ICT including the internet, curriculum design and validation, assessment, and distance learning, as well as presenting new topics and reports of laboratory experiments.
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International journal of mechanical engineering education - IJMEE
Publication Date: 1972 -
ISSN 0306-4190 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Aimed at teachers and trainers of mechanical engineering students in higher education. Focuses on discussion of the principles and practices of training professional, technical and mechanical engineers and those in related fields. Encourages articles about new experimental methods and laboratory techniques, and includes book reviews and highlights of recent articles in this field.
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International journal of online engineering (iJOE)
Publication Date: 2005 -
ISSN 1861-2121 (frequency varies) PEER REVIEWED & OPEN ACCESS

Fundamentals, applications and experiences in the field of remote engineering, virtual instrumentation and online simulations. The use of virtual and remote controlled devices and remote laboratories is one of the future trend developments for advanced teleworking/e-working environments. Online Engineering is the future trend in engineering and science. It covers working directions such as remote engineering, virtual instrumentation, simulation techniques and others.
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International journal of STEM education
Publication Date: 2013 -
eISSN 2196-7822 (frequency varies) PEER REVIEWED & OPEN ACCESS
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multidisciplinary journal in subject-content education that focuses on the study of teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)
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International journal of technology and design education
Publication Date: 1990 -
ISSN 1573-1804 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Encourages research and scholarly writing covering all aspects of technology and design education featuring critical review and comparative studies. In addition, contributions draw upon other fields such as historical, philosophical, sociological, or psychological studies that address issues of concern to technology and design education.


Journal of civil engineering education - American Society of Civil Engineers
Publication Date: 1983 -

eISSN: 1943-5541 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Presents issues of broad professional interest and diverse views of engineering education and professional practice. In particular, the relationships between civil engineering and other disciplines and professions, with emphasis on the engineer's and constructor's obligations and responsibilities. Topics include engineering education at all levels, professional practice issues, ethics, and history and heritage.
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Journal of engineering education - JEE - American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
Publication Date: 1993 -
ISSN 1069-4730 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Focuses exclusively on scholarly educational research in engineering education. Peer-reviewed international journal published quarterly by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) in partnership with a global community of engineering education societies and associations
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Journal of science education and technology
Publication Date: 1992 -
eISSN 1573-1839 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Articles advance science education at all levels. The journal publishes theory and practice in order to facilitate future efforts of individuals and groups involved in the field. Recognizing technology’s growing role in both the understanding and development of science and in the delivery of information, the journal includes technology as a component of science education.
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Journal of STEM education: Innovations and research
Publication Date: 2000 -
ISSN 1557-5284 (2 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED & OPEN ACCESS

Promotes high-quality undergraduate education in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. Publishes peer reviewed articles which provide case studies and other innovations, are informed by educational research and are tested through assessment of impact on student learning. Includes results from educational research that inform teaching and learning in STEM and recent developments that impact STEM education in such areas as policy and industry needs. Published semi-annually.
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Technology & engineering teacher - International Technology & Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA)
Publication Date: 1993 -
ISSN 2158-0502 (8 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Valuable tool for technology education professionals, including primary and high school classroom teachers and teacher educators. Includes reports of current trends in technology education, technology learning activities, program articles, news, calendar, etc.
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World transactions on engineering and technology education - World Institute for Engineering and Technology Education (WIETE)
Publication Date: 2002 -
ISSN 1446-2257 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED & OPEN ACCESS

Articles concern contemporary problems and challenges in engineering and technology education that should be identified, addressed and discussed. Topics include pedagogical and methodological issues, case studies, results of unique educational research, as well as cross-cultural, regional and country developments


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ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition - American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
A search engine of all the papers presented at ASEE's Annual Conference since 1996. Covers all sub-disciplines of engineering education. Committed to fostering the exchange of ideas, enhancing teaching methods and curriculum, and providing prime networking opportunities for engineering and technology education stakeholders such as deans, faculty members and industry and government representatives.
Hosts over 400 technical sessions, with peer-reviewed papers spanning all disciplines of engineering education. Attendees include deans, faculty and researchers & students.

CDIO Annual International Conference - Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) Initiative

Engineering education and real-world demands on engineers have in recent years drifted apart. Realizing that this widening gap must be closed, leading engineering schools in the USA, Europe, Canada, UK, Africa, Asia, and New Zealand formed the CDIO Initiative: A worldwide collaborative to conceive and develop a new vision of engineering education.

CDIO is based on a commonly shared premise that engineering graduates should be able to: Conceive – Design — Implement — Operate‚Ä®complex value-added engineering systems in a modern team-based engineering environment to create systems and products.


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CEEA Annual Conference - Canadian Engineering Education Association (CEEA)
The Canadian Engineering Education Association has held an annual conference since 2010. The focus is on Canadian Engineering schools developing graduate competence through the improvement in engineering education and design. They offer open access to all proceedings and submissions from conferences, incorporating many topics relevant to engineering education.


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Conference on Continuing Engineering Education - International Association for Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE)
Biennial conference.

IACEE is a global organization with the objective of bringing together diverse professionals with an interest in Continuing Engineering Education. Membership includes academic and corporate providers, professional bodies and individuals with an interest in this topic


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IEEE EDUCON - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Education Society (IEEE)
The annual IEEE EDUCON conference is held during the last two weeks in March or the first two weeks in April. 

The IEEE EDUCON conference provides a forum for academic, research and industrial collaboration on global engineering education. The IEEE Education Society's fields of interest will guide the program committee and the Call for Papers. All accepted peer-reviewed papers will be published in the conference proceedings and will also be available in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


This conference aims to open a dialogue towards improving K-20 STEM education using integrative project based methods. ISEC is known for presenting cutting-edge research and experiences with integrated approaches to the study of science, math, and technology through experiences and activities based in engineering and other design disciplines. The conference has been running since 2011 and publishes papers and proceedings in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


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SEFI Annual Conference - European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI)
Annual conference. For members of SEFI and all those interested by or involved higher engineering education to exchange views and opinions, to establish new contacts with peers and other HEE stakeholders. The theme of the Conferences reflect the objectives of the Society and the priorities identified by its members.