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Chemistry Education Journals

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Publication Date: 1962-
ISSN 0009-2479 (4 issues p.a.) OPEN ACCESS

Focus is on teaching Chemical Engineering, including curriculum and courses.Publishes papers in the broad field of chemical engineering education. Papers generally describe a course, a laboratory, a ChE department, a ChE educator, a ChE curriculum, research program, machine computation, special instructional programs, or give views and opinions on various topics of interest to the profession.


Cover Art Chemistry Education: Research and Practice - Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication Date: 2005 -
ISSN 1109-4028 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED & OPEN ACCESS

Coverage includes: research, and reviews of research, of all levels of chemistry education; evaluations of effective innovative practice in the teaching of chemistry; in depth analyses of issues of direct relevance to chemistry education . The objectives of the journal are threefold:
1) To provide researchers with the means to publish their work in full in a journal exclusively dedicated to chemistry education 
2) To offer teachers of chemistry at all levels a place where they can share effective ideas and methods for the teaching and learning of chemistry 
3) To bridge the gap between the two groups so that researchers will have their results seen by those who could benefit from using them, and practitioners will gain from encountering the ideas and results of those who have made a particular study of the learning process


Cover Art
Education for Chemical Engineers - European Federation of Chemical Engineering
Publication Date: 2006 -
ISSN 1749-7728 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Presents original papers in chemical, process and biomolecular engineering education of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education students. Papers demonstrating how educational research results can be applied to chemical engineering education are welcome, as are the accounts of research that bring new perspectives to established principles, highlighting unsolved problems or indicating direction for future research.


Education in ChemisCover Arttry (eic) e-magazine - Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication Date: 2010 -
ISSN 1749-5326 (6 issues p.a.)

Supports all teachers of chemistry across the secondary, further and higher education sectors. Tools and resources which promote the sharing of best practice and innovative teaching.


Cover Art
International Journal of STEM education
Publication Date: 2013 -
eISSN 2196-7822 (frequency varies) PEER REVIEWED & OPEN ACCESS

multidisciplinary journal in subject-content education that focuses on the study of teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)


Cover Art
Journal of Chemical Education - American Chemical Society. Division of Chemical Education
Publication Date: 1924 -
ISSN 1938-1328 (12 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

A resource to those in the field of chemical education and to those institutions that serve them. JCE typically addresses chemical content, activities, laboratory experiments, instructional methods, and pedagogies. Serves as a means of communication among people across the world who are interested in the teaching and learning of chemistry.


Cover ArtJournal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST) - National Association for Research in Science Teaching
Publication Date: 1963 -
ISSN 0022-4308 (10 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Publishes reports for science education researchers and practitioners working in the domain of science teaching and learning and science education policy. Accepts scholarly manuscripts such as investigations employing qualitative, ethnographic, historical, survey, philosophical, or case study research approaches; position papers; policy perspectives; critical reviews of the literature; research briefs; and comments and criticism.
Readership: Teacher training institutions • college-level educators and researchers • school administrators • curriculum specialists.


Cover Art
Journal of Science Education and Technology
Publication Date: 1992 -
eISSN 1573-1839 (4 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED 

Articles advance science education at all levels. The journal publishes theory and practice in order to facilitate future efforts of individuals and groups involved in the field. Recognizing technology’s growing role in both the understanding and development of science and in the delivery of information, the journal includes technology as a component of science education.


Cover ArtJournal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research
Publication Date: 2000 -
ISSN 1557-5284 (2 issues p.a.) PEER REVIEWED & OPEN ACCESS

Promotes high-quality undergraduate education in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. Publishes peer reviewed articles which provide case studies and other innovations, are informed by educational research and are tested through assessment of impact on student learning. Includes results from educational research that inform teaching and learning in STEM and recent developments that impact STEM education in such areas as policy and industry needs. Published semi-annually.