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Protect Your Privacy: A How To Guide

This guide is used to introduce library to tools that can be used to better protect their digital privacy.

What Do We Want to Keep Private?

What Do I Want to Keep Private?

Consider information that you don't want others to know. This can include:

  • Passwords
    This could be passwords to your email, social media account, bank account, or computer.
  • Identifiable information
    Your contact information, like your home address, email address, or phone number, could be used against your own interests.
  • Personal information
    Your social security number, health information, or legal status should be kept private.

What are other pieces of information that you would want to keep private?

How Can your Private Data be Used Against You?

How Can Your Private Data be Used Against You?

If your private data becomes disclosed, it can be used against you in a variety of ways.

  • It can be used to determine your immigration status.
  • Law enforcement uses social media as a surveillance tool.
  • DNA information submitted to DNA companies may be accessible by authorities.
  • Private data can be uncovered during litigation.
  • Private data can be weaponized to dox users, where private information is published online for the specific purpose of harassing someone.