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Protect Your Privacy: A How To Guide

This guide is used to introduce library to tools that can be used to better protect their digital privacy.

Browser Tools

There are different tools that can help you protect your online privacy.

Best Practices


  • Tor - Tor is a browser that uses relays to hide incoming and outgoing data between relays.

Browser Extensions

  • Privacy Badger - Privacy Badger is a browser extension created by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It can block and display which web trackers are present on a webpage.
  • Ghoster - Ghostery is another browser extension that can block web tracking software.
  • Adblock - Adblock is a browser extension blocks ads and ad trackers when visiting a webpage.

Search Engine

  • DuckDuckGo - DuckDuckGo is a Google search engine alternative that does not track users.


  • Duckduckgo App - This app is a browser using the DuckDuckGo search engine. At a touch of a button, it will clear your mobile device's history and cookies.
  • Signal - Signal is a SMS (text messaging) app that encrypts text messages for senders and recipients.
  • Tor Orbot - Tor Orbot is a VPN that uses the Tor network for Android devices.


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