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Place Based Research

Tips for researching neighborhoods, buildings, historic districts, and more. Covers architectural, historical, and socio-political dimensions of place-based research and use of archival, library, and web materials.

Arts & Culture

Arts and cultural events contribute to our understanding of places and the communities that inhabit those places.This guide focuses on resources that cover the history of arts and culture, art and social change, and government arts organizations in NYC.

Government Organizations & Academic Databases

Arts & Social Change

Artistic communities often use art to represent or respond to social conditions. Independent arts movements can give a voice to marginalized communities not otherwise represented in dominant cultural spaces.

Newspaper Research & City Directories

Contemporary Newspapers (Library Login Required)

LexisNexis (Includes international news)

New York Times (free unlimited digital subscription available to CUNY students)

New York State Newspapers

Historic Newspapers (Library Login Required)

New York Times Historical (1851-2012)

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (1841-1955)

City Directories: lists of individuals & businesses with location information. 

Digital Brooklyn Directories (1856-1967)

List of New York City Directories available online (1680s-1950s) *some directories require a subscription for access ($)