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Resources for Academic Publishing

Geared to faculty who need support in their efforts towards scholarly publication

Book publishing

The Author's Alliance's guide on book negotiating and understanding book contracts is very exhaustive and helpful. 

See below for books about scholarly book publishing! 

Utilizing Resources within CUNY and City Tech

This presentation by Prof. Emilie Boone (African American Studies) helps book authors at City Tech learn about funding opportunities and other resources. The contents of the presentation are also below.

PSC-CUNY Research Award Program

PDAC Funds

Book Completion Award

(for leaves to be commenced during Fall 2020 and/or Spring 2021)

ELIGIBILITY: Tenured members of the instructional staff, including those in the title lecturer with a certificate of continuous employment (CCE), and lecturers with a CCE, on leave from that title and who have completed six (6) years of continuous paid full-time service with the university, exclusive of non-sabbatical leave or fellowship leaves, are eligible for a fellowship leave.
PURPOSE: Application for a fellowship award may be made for research (including study and related travel), improvement of teaching, and/or creative work in literature or the arts.
DURATION: Application may be made for a fellowship leave for: (1) a full year leave at 80% of biweekly salary; (2) a one-half year at 80% of bi-weekly salary; or (3) one-half year at full pay.

City Tech Library:

  • Interlibrary loan

Application for the Use of the Research Study Rooms: Wertheim, Allen and Shoichi Noma

Faculty Success Program

Making the Ask

Inkwell Virtual Writing Retreat