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Boost Your Scholarly Profile!

What is Google Scholar and how can it help me increase my scholarly reach?

Google Scholar is a freely available tool that indexes scholarly publications.  Researchers can increase the status and reach of their scholarship in academia and industry by putting a bit of work into crafting their profiles in Google Scholar.


Steps for creating your Google Scholar Profile are below. 

1. Sign up for a Google Scholar profile

2. Make that profile public

3. Find the scholarly impact of your work

4. Keep your profile up to date

5. Now search yourself on Google Scholar!

Google Scholar Search

(Extra) NYCCT's guide to creating your Google Scholar Profile

Create a Google Scholar profile

  • this helps others find your work
  • this helps you find the work of other scholars that relates 
  • sign in with your google email--if you don't have an account with Google, you can't use this feature

Manually add your articles after you create your profile and set your updating options

My updates

  • based on your citations

Setting up alerts

  • alerts can be based on your article titles or on your keywords
  • alerts can be created without a Google Scholar Profile. 
    • Login using your gmail account
    • Select ALERTS

Select CREATE ALERT, add your query in the ALERT QUERY search box, and save by clicking again on CREATE ALERT. 

Tracing citations (cited by)

  • a powerful tool to see how an important article was cited by subsequent authors
  • Related articles  also useful to look at