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Advanced Research Techniques for Undergraduate Research Student Scholars

This guide includes content from the library workshops "Advanced Research Techniques Honors & Emerging Scholars" and additional support content.

How to Use a Scholarly Article

Here are some tips for more efficient and focused research:

Find a highly relevant, recent scholarly article on your topic. Use this article in a few ways:

  • examine the bibliography for other articles and material for your research
  • read and/or scan the abstract, introduction, literature review and conclusions to learn more about your research topic
  • use the headings in the library database where you found the article to focus your search
  • note the keywords and especially the subjects used to describe this article: these might aid you in other searches and revising your search
  • use Google Scholar to see who cited the article
  • look for experts!
    • people mentioned in the article
    • organizations mentioned in the article

Keep track of where you are searching and what keywords you are using!


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