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Guide to support students in theater classes


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Need an image for a presentation? Find images that are free to copy and reuse on the web using this search tool.

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PBS Great Performances Cover Image

PBS Great Performances

Videos of full performances and clips of classical music, opera, popular song, musical theater, dance, drama, and documentaries.

Franklin Furnace Logo

Franklin Furnace Selected Video Archives

Video collection of avant-garde performance art and street theater.

Maxamoo theater podcast cover icon

Maxamoo Theater and Performance Podcast

Art, Culture, Theater, and Performance in New York City.

Brick theater Logo

The Brick Theater Archival Screening Series

Online video premieres of theatrical performances from an off-off broadway theater company based in Brooklyn.


Below are some recommended places to find images of theater spaces that you can reuse in presentations or for class projects. For images and other documentation of performances, see the section of this guide on New York City Theater.