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This guide provides the City Tech community information on the library's access to the digital film platform, Swank.

Requesting a Film in Swank

How can I request films in Swank?

Faculty can directly email Prof. Junior Tidal to request films in Swank.

Users can also register an account in Swank, separate from their CUNYfirst login. Creating an account will give instructors the ability to browse available titles in Swank, where users can request films.


My class meets remotely/hybrid. Can I show a Swank film over Zoom?

Swank does not allow users to stream films over Zoom. It is recommended that students have a link to the film and watch it independently, or during class with the Zoom window open. This can allow discussion of the film.

Sharing films

How can I share films with students?

  1. Log into Swank
  2. Click the film you wish to shareClick on the "Share" button
  3. Click "Copy Direct Link" if sharing via email
  4. Click on "Copy LMS Link" if sharing over Blackboard
  5. Paste link into email or Blackboard field.

Note: Links copied using the "LMS Link" option will include HTML code, which can also be pasted into OpenLab sites.