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Academic Works for Student Researchers: Submission Instructions

This is a guide to support self-archiving by our undergraduate research, honors, and emerging scholars students who prepare posters for our semi-annual poster session.

How to submit

  1. Go to CUNY Academic Works:
  2. Click “Submit Research” in the sidebar on the left. Click the name of the collection you want to submit to (i.e. New York City College of Technology, Publications and Research). 
  3. You will be prompted to log in. Create your account now
  4. Click “Sign up” and fill out the account registration form. Please register with your CUNY email address. For institutional affiliation, type “CUNY” and a list of CUNY campuses should appear. You will then be sent a confirmation link by email.
  5. Submission Agreement (required): Read the agreement and check the box to affirm that you have the right to submit the work and to grant CUNY the non-exclusive right to distribute that work through CUNY Academic Works. Then click “Continue.”
  6. Title (required): Enter the title of the work, using headline-style capitalization.
  7. Authors (required): Your name and email address will automatically appear in the author field. If you have a co-author, click the green plus-sign button to add. You may enter an email address for the co-author, but you don’t have to. (If you do enter an email address, your co-author will also receive monthly download statistics from the repository.) Repeat for any additional co-authors. For Institution, type CUNY and wait for the menu to pop up. Select CUNY New York City College of Technology.
  8. Affiliations at CUNY (required): Select the departments or programs with which you and any co-authors are affiliated. 
  9. Document Type (required): Select  POSTER from the list. If you are submitting a presentation, select PRESENTATION. If you are submitting a paper, select ARTICLE.
  10. Publication Date (required): Enter your work’s publication date. Only the year is required, but you can be as specific as you wish.
  11. Embargo Period (required): Indicate whether you want your work to have an embargo period (i.e., a period during which it is unavailable to the public). If you select “No Embargo Required,” your work will be accessible online immediately. If you select an embargo period, your work will be unavailable until the embargo period expires.
  12. Keywords (highly recommended): Enter one or more keywords or keyword phrases for your work. Separate keywords/phrases with commas.
  13. Disciplines (highly recommended): Explore the discipline hierarchy by clicking the plus signs next to each major discipline. Select the discipline(s) that best describe your work.
  14. Language (required): Identify the language in which your work is written.
  15. Abstract (highly recommended): Provide a brief summary of your work.
  16. Comments (required): If you presented at the Poster Session, please add this text: This poster [swap in PRESENTATION if not a poster] was presented as the XX (E.g. 29th) Semi-Annual Honors and Undergraduate Research Scholars Poster Presentation at New York City College of Technology, MONTH, DAY, YEAR (E.g. Dec. 5, 2018). 
  17. Upload File (required): Select UPLOAD FILE  and then upload your poster file as a PDF or PPT from your computer.
  18. Additional Files (optional): Check this if you have supplementary files to upload along with your work.  
  19. Double-check your entries: Once a submission is approved by the repository administrator, it cannot be edited or removed except by contacting the administrator. Therefore, please take care to supply the correct information on the submission form.
  20. Click “Submit” 
  21. Congratulations! Your work will appear in Academic Works as soon as it is approved. After the system fully updates (which takes about a day), your work will be searchable in Academic Works. Don't forget to add link to your project in Academic Works on your resume, CV, or portfolio!