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This guide is used to assist City Tech users on accessing and requesting videos through the library's subscription to Kanopy.


Requesting Films for Classes

If a user clicks on a film that is not activated, they will see a page letting them know that the film is not currently available to view. 

Faculty can submit using the form or contact Prof. Junior Tidal with their video request.

Please include your department, course, and how long you intend (semester/yearly) to show the video.

Sharing Films with Students

Sharing Films with Students

Faculty can share films with their classes.

This can be done by sharing the link to the film or creating a playlist.

To share a link via email, Blackboard, or other electronic means:

  1. Go to the film's page on Kanopy.
  2. Click the "Share" button underneath the film on the page.
  3. Copy the URL displayed.
  4. Paste and share with students.

Kanopy has more detained instructions on creating a playlist of videos.