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City Tech Library Exhibits

This guide is an archive of past and present City Tech Library Exhibits..

Library Exhibit: Saving Our History, Saving the Klitgord Mosaic

Library Exhibit: Saving Our History, Saving the Klitgord Mosaic

May 14, 2014
by Junior Tidal

The library’s current exhibit, Saving Our History, Saving the Klitgord Mosaic, is displayed in the exhibit case near the library entrance. Prof. Mary Nilles, English, and Prof. Peter Fikaris, ADGA, set up the exhibit with their respective students.  The exhibit will be on display from May 5th until August 29th, 2014.

Prof. Nilles and students in front of the display.
Prof. Nilles and students in front of the displayed exhibit.

Text by Prof. Mary Nilles of the English Dept. 

The multi-media exhibit, “Saving our History, Saving the Klitgord Mosaic,” on view in the Ursula C. Schwerin Library, 5 May – 29 August 2014, has been arranged by a group of multi-disciplinary professors, staff and students. In photos, text, power point presentations and short videos, it features a timeline of important developments in the history of Jay Street, downtown Brooklyn, in particular, the blocks where City Tech is situated.

It focuses on the erection of the Klitgord Center in 1962-1963 and the Klitgord mosaic, a large public art installation created by famed designer Nathaniel Choate and tile artist, Joseph Von Tury, with the support of architect Francis Keally, and Benjamin Namm, chairperson of the College’s Board of Trustees; the various uses of Klitgord for 50 years; the demolition of the building in 2013, and the historically significant rescue of the mosaic, for future re-assembly and display.

The exhibit recalls the history of City Tech, and honors its founders, including our first president, Dr. Otto Klitgord, after whom the Center was named, and all others-–faculty, staff, and students–who have shaped our institution over the past seven decades.

This exhibition is part of a long-term study of our campus by Dr. Nilles and her students, entitled, “Researching our Past, Building our Future.” Gratitude to all who in any way have helped create and present this display.

Additional support from President Russ Hotzler and Dean Karl Botchway; the Advertising Design and Graphic Arts department: Professors Mary Ann Biehl, Anita Giraldo, Robert Holden, Joel Mason and CLTs Steve Caputo and Albert Sherman; American Hungarian Foundation and Professor August Molnar; Brooklyn Historical Society; Brooklyn Public Library; Brian Choate; City Tech English department: Professors Nina Bannett, Frank Masiello, Suzanne Miller, Patricia Rudden, and Judith Walter; City Tech Library and Archives: Professors Morris Hounion and Keith Muchowski; Harvard University Archives; Luxembourg National Archives and Jean Ensch; Andrew Namm; New York Public Library; Smithsonian Institution; and Mary Jo Von Tury.

Additional posters of the exhibit:

Eva Zolarayan’s Saving Our History, Saving The Klitgord Mosaic

Peter Reilly’s Klitgord Mosaic Poster