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Scholarly Communications

Why submit your work to Academic Works?

Academic Works is CUNY's institutional repository. It is our showcase for our scholarship, creative works, and more. CUNY Academic Works has many benefits! 


Why submit your work in CUNY Academic Works?


  1. MORE READERS People can and will read you. In addition to other academics or experts in your area, journalists and other members of the general public, including your students, can now read your work. Your previously published work gets a "second life" in Academic Works where it is easily found via Google Scholar and Google. When your work is freely available, your work has significantly greater potential for public good. 
  2. MORE CITATIONS If you have more readers, you will have more citations! You can include citations to your work in your PARSE in the appendix.
  3. ARTICLE-LEVEL METRICS are available for your work that you can include in your PARSE. Article-level metrics are NOT available via Web of Science and Scopus.
  4. PRESERVATION: Your work is preserved permanently.
  5. STABLE URLs for linking to your work.

Questions? Need help? Contact Prof. Monica Berger or by phone at x5488.