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Grad School Resources: Choosing a School

Thinking about applying to a graduate program? Learn more about selecting a program, testing, applications, and more.

Taking the Plunge

Deciding to apply to Graduate School isn't something you should take lightly. Graduate programs can be competitive, expensive, and rigorous. Before deciding to take the plunge, you should consider:

  • What you hope to get out of the program during and after you graduate
  • What career you hope to pursue and what kind of program will get you there
  • Whether or not you're willing to get into debt
  • How much time you want to spend in school and how much time is required for full / part time enrolled students 
  • Do you need experience in the field before applying 
  • What is the day-to-day experience like in that field and are there job opportunities (a good way to find this out is to interview someone)

Then you should do a lot of research, get organized, and make a timeline. This guide will help you get started.

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Program Types

Applied Professional Fields: 

Masters programs in fields like Social Work, Nursing, or Architecture where an advanced degree (and sometimes a professional certificate) is a  job requirement.

Professional Degrees with Special Testing Requirements:

Competitive professional programs in fields like Law (J.D.) and Business (M.B.A) often require special tests prior to admission beyond the G.R.E. (Graduate Record Examination).

Scholarly Ph.D. Programs: 

Long term, highly specialized programs for those who want to pursue careers in Higher Education or research.