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Resources for Antiracist & Antioppression Work in (and beyond) the City Tech Library

February 2023 -- Resources for Black History Month

Recommended Antiracism/Antioppression Resources, February 2023 -- Black History Month compiled by Rachel and Suraya

This month we wanted to share a few resources for Black History Month, an annual celebration observed in February throughout the United States. The theme for 2023's Black History Month is "Black Resistance: A Journey to Equality."

The History Channel has great documentaries, photo galleries, and movie suggestions for Black History Month.

The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture invites everyone to "Join us, the world's largest African American museum, to humanize history and objects through the lives, tragedies and triumphs of everyday people—while paying tribute to Black pioneers' trailblazing contributions." The museum's website offers online exhibits and multimedia resources.

Watch this brief clip from PBS about civil right icon Congressman John Lewis

Unfortunately, there are people in the United States who object to Black History being taught, and they are leading successful campaigns to censor educational materials. Check out this PBS NewsHour report on how new rules are limiting diversity education in schools.