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HMGT 3502 Hospitality Research Seminar

Workshop-related materials including student homework

What is an academic source?

Academic sources generally are articles in scholarly journals and may be peer reviewed.

Scholarly journal    


  • also referred to as an "academic" journal
    • authors typically are professors or researchers
  • discipline-specific
  • publishes original research addressing a research question
    • Hospitality Management research may employ surveys, interviews, data
  • typically 2-6 issues per year
  • access individual journal articles through databases like Hospitality & Tourism Complete
  • has abstracts that summarize the article and its research findings
    • always read the abstract to judge if the article is relevant

Peer reviewed journal

  • the "peers" (peer reviewers) are experts in a research area, typically professors or other researchers
  • peer reviewers give authors important feedback to help revise the article to improve it
  • because of this quality control process, peer reviewed articles are considered to be reliable and trustworthy resources
    • as with all sources, evaluate the source

Learn more about finding and evaluating your sources.

What's an Academic Source?