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HMGT 3502 Hospitality Research Seminar

Workshop-related materials including student homework

Learning outcomes for workshops

In the workshop for this course, you will learn the following:

  • Why preliminary research may be important and help you move from the research topic to the research question
    • How to use newspaper articles at this stage
  • How to find a book
  • Basic search strategy: Using keywords, narrowing and widening the search, Boolean searching
  • Why is Hospitality and Tourism Complete your best resource for research
  • How to use the FindIt Button (SFX) to get to full text
  • How to use the citation and email widgets in library products
  • Effectively reading a scholarly article
  • Effectively reading any article to find experts
  • How to use Google Scholar and connect it to the library
  • Statista for data
  • Zoterobib for citing content not in library databases