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HMGT 2305 Service Analysis Assignment

Supports the research component for this assignment. Students are asked to gather information about a restaurant.

What is Hospitality & Tourism Complete?

Hospitality & Tourism Complete (EBSCO) is

Targeted searching

  • Search by CO (Company Entity) field to find articles about a restaurant
  • Search by PE (Person) field to find articles about a chef or director of the restaurant's parent company

Don't forget to evaluate an article critically

  • Is the article current? If not, is the information in it still valid? 
  • Has the restaurant changed location? 
  • The article may tell you more about who currently owns the restaurant if it is not chef-owned

Filter your search by date and publication type

Too many results? Looking just for trade publication? You can focus your results AFTER you search in order to find sources appropriate for this assignment. Look on the left side of the page for these options.

Limit by date


Limit by source type (e.g. trade publication or academic journals)

Limit your results to be relevant to your research

Before searching, you can limit (reduce and focus) your search by date and publication type. These two search limits will help you find material relevant to this assignment!

Limit by date

  • use the PUBLISHED DATE dropdown menus under the search boxes to limit the dates for the results
    • select a date range of 2 to 3 years
    • if today is June 1, 2019, pick June 2016 to June 2019
  • ask your instructor for guidance on what he or she considers to be appropriate


  • select TRADE PUBLICATION from the dropdown menu to find trade publications 


I found a good article. Now what?

Look for the PDF Full Text icon or the HTML icon under the article result to read the article.

Use the TOOLS pane on the right to email the article to yourself. This is better than downloading because you will have a backup of the article plus you can get a preliminary APA citation.