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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Evaluating OERs

Does the content meet your learning objectives?

  • Is the material appropriate for the level of the course? 

  • Test the reading level of a text with this text readability rating tool 

  • Is the material culturally relevant and appropriate?

  • Are there any factual errors?

  • What does this content have that existing teaching materials do not have?

See OER Evaluation Criteria

Customizing and Authoring OERs

Modifying OERs  (modified from BCCampus)

If you want to make edits or append content, make sure the Creative Commons license allows for that (every CC license except the non-derivative license allows for modifications).

Resources for modifying OERs

Authoring OERs 

Is your course material usable to students?


Course Design


Link from your OpenLab site: 

  • Provide the link to your students so they have the option to select which file type (typically a PDF or EPUB) they would like to download. Do students have the option to purchase a low cost printed version?

Download copies of a book: 

  • Upload to your institutional content management system 

  • Share using an online file sharing service like Dropbox or Google Docs. Upload a copy of the book files to Dropbox or Google Docs and send your student the link to that copy.

  • Upload to a website and send students to your website to download your copy of the textbook.

Print on demand options

(modified from BCCampus)

  • ‚ÄčLulu offers numerous self publishing options; other universities have reported success with their POD services

  • Keep in mind that textbooks that have a specific non-commercial clause (CC-BY-NC) cannot be sold with a markup or at a profit. However, charging a modest cost-recovery fee for physical textbooks is considered reasonable.