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Open Educational Resources (OER): Find Open Course Materials

Organize your search

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As you search, look for obvious display of the following:

  • Authorship and credentials

  • Peer review and affiliations 

  • Intellectual property licensing:

    • Is there a fee model? Is this a company or a non-profit? 

    • Are you required to register or pay for any services?

    • Are there terms of use or service?

    • Is the license displayed?

Using a content provider?

If you use a third party content provider like YouTube or Khan Academy, always check the Terms of Use!

Explore open course materials


Course materials (variety)

  • MERLOT II - initiated by California State University, a curated collection of free and online learning materials, including multimedia resources.

  • CUNY Open Educational Resources

  • PhET Interactive Simulations - Responsive and accessible STEM simulations

  • L4 Learning Library - A virtual resource exchange for assignments and learning activities 

  • OpenStax CNX -  repository of thousands of learning objects

  • OER Commons - provides tens of thousands of open educational resources, including college-level open textbooks from higher education institutions around the world.

  • Open Oregon State Modules - open modules in the agricultural sciences and STEM fields that have dual-language functionality (Chinese-English and Spanish-English)

  • Teaching Commons - OERs from colleges and universities across the country



Museums, Libraries, & Archives


Public domain (unless otherwise noted):

Creative Commons licensed:

Free to link to: 



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